mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

Holst - Orchestral Works - Atherton - Lyrita 1993

una chicca con alcune delle composizioni di Holst non presenti su alcun altro cd ("Indra" sopra tutte, per  il suo misticismo)... da non perdere!

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  1. Dear aria.d,
    The blog is very interesting, and your selections are excellent!!
    I am very interested in two recordings; maybe you can support me.
    I´d like to know The death of the bishop of Brindisi, of Gian C Menotti.
    Also I´d like to listen to Berglund´s version of the Symphonies 4 and 6 of Sibelius by the Chamber Orchestra of Europe.
    Thank you very much! My best greetings,

    1. sorry, i can't help you about Gian C. Menotti.... instead, you can find Sibelius/Berglung as torrent file...
      thanks for your estimate!

  2. Thanks for your kind reply. The Sibelius/Berglund torrent is from other version (Helsinki PO or Bournemouth SO). I am interested in the harmonic revelations of the "chamber" version by the ECO.
    All the best, and congratulations for your blog!